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Spring Crappie

Cabin fever is seemingly at an all-time high with the constant barrage of corona virus news and concerns. Fortunately, Missouri’s lakes and rivers are all accessible during these trying times including public boat accesses. Social distance practices and other common safety measures should still be practiced

Warmer water is the key to finding the early crappie bite. As temperatures move into the 50’s fish become active especially adjacent to lakes’ north shores that get more spring sun. Crappies will also congregate in areas near feeder creeks and in smaller rivers. Small, colored hooks and tiny jigs tipped with small crappie minnows with light line and small floats are effective when the water is still cool and the bite can be light. As the water warms into the 60s fish become more active and small plain tube or hair jigs can be effective when the bite is on.

Conservation is important – don’t take more than you can eat. Releasing larger females is good practice to help preserve the fishery, especially during the spawn when fish are extremely vulnerable.

Escape the madness and go fish!

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