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Olson Beach at Rock Creek State Park to be Closed

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources announced (3/20/2017) that Olson Beach at Rock Cut State Park will be closed for swimming due to siltation of the lake.

Due to siltation of the lake in recent years, the shallow depth and warmer water temperatures have diminished the water quality of Olson Lake.

Olson Lake was designed to be a silt basin for Rock Cut State Park’s larger Pierce Lake.  While Olson Lake is performing its intended function, the increase in aquatic vegetation in Olson Lake has made it difficult to maintain the quality of water required for swimming and other beach activities.

The IDNR encourages those interested in beach swimming and recreation to visit other beaches in the region, including the IDNR’s Lake Le-Aqua-Na State Recreation Area near Lena and the Rockford Park District’s Standfield Beach at Levings Lake Park.

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