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Top 5 Indiana Summer Fishing Spots

Indiana fisherman in a creek.
Indiana Has a Host of Excellent Summer Fishing Spots.

It’s been hot across Indiana this summer!

We’ve had our share of rain this past July with 12 inches of rainfall around central Indiana. As the lakes and rivers fill before the dry season, there is no better time to hit the water with your fishing rod and tackle. Late-summer fishing in Indiana has tons to offer lake and river anglers. With the highest precipitation rate throughout the year and warm temperatures, the fish are active and on the move.

If you’re looking to get one last fishing trip in before school starts, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best fishing locales in the Hoosier state. Here’s what to expect at our favorite Indiana fishing spots.

Lake Worster Fishing

Right above Potato Creek State Park in northern Indiana, Lake Worster is a secluded watershed that hosts everything from pike, perch, and bass to stripers and sunfish. With nearby campsites, a beach, and miles of hiking trails, Lake Worster allows you to launch the bass boat or kayak for a full day of exploration. The lake offers a ton of bottom humps and holes, as well as weedy banks and tree cover along the banks. Overall, this is an affordable and quiet place to kick back and toss a line before the cold weather arrives.

Kayaking the Eel River

In Logansport, the Eel River flows gently during the summertime. This makes it easy for fly and shore fishermen to wade fish for smallmouth. The river also contains other species like rock bass, carp, and channel cats, with multiple locations to fish along its 94-mile-long route.

Some popular river runs for kayak anglers who want a daylong or multi-day fishing trip are stretches from South Whitley to Laketon (20 miles), Laketon to Stockdale (10 miles), and Denver to Logansport (26 miles). The water clarity this time of year is fair in most parts, with clear to lightly stained visibility as well as plenty of daylight to keep fishing past sundown.

Brookville Lake Family Fun

Kayaking Is an Excellent Way to Fish the Eel River.

Located in the southeast portion of the state near the Ohio border, Brookville Lake is a 17-mile-long, elongated watershed with the Mound State Recreation Area lining its eastern banks and the Whitewater Memorial State Park at its northern tip. This is a blue water lake that is great for kayaking or family boating. Visitors can also take advantage of campsites or RV sites with a full range of amenities. With 110’ depths, the lake allows anglers to bottom fish for walleye, musky, and white bass. You can also cast along the shoreline with topwaters for bass, crappie, and catfish. Overall, you can fish Brookville Lake with a variety of tackle, lures, or the live bait of your choice.

If you need fishing supplies or bait, be sure to stop in at Smith’s Triangle Bait Shop or Jay’s Midlake Bait and Tackle, which has a restaurant. The northernmost boat ramp at this lake is Treaty Line Boat Ramp, and at the southeast side of the lake, Garr Hill Boat Ramp is a great spot to drop your boat.

Lake Monroe Attractions

Six hours south of Indianapolis, Lake Monroe is a monster impoundment that sits at the southwestern edge of Brown County State Park. With 190 miles of shoreline and 10,750 acres of water surface between Monroe and Brown counties, the lake has multiple campgrounds and fishing holes. There is also the Fourwinds Resort and Marina if you want to take a break from pulling in huge crappie, largemouth bass, walleye, and channel catfish. Generally speaking, there are a ton of attractions around here, including a range of other lake resorts and Yogi Bear’s Jellystone waterpark.

If you’re looking to drop in a boat or kayak, check out access points like Pine Grove Boat Ramp, Moore’s Creek State Recreation Area, or the Hardin Ridge Boat Ramp. Boat rentals are available at Lake Monroe Boat Rental Inc.

Sugar Creek Honeyholes

Don’t Let Summer Fishing in Indiana Pass You By.

West of Indianapolis above Marshall, Sugar Creek flows across the rigid hills of Turkey Run State Park and Shades State Park right outside of the small town of Crawfordsville. With green terrain and rocky banks, Sugar Creek is the ultimate fish habitat for bass, bluegill, and catfish. With depths ranging from 2 to 4 feet, this shallow watershed is a fly fishermen’s dream, and also caters to anglers who want to float fish by raft or kayak.

For wade fishing what can seem like endless stretches of shoreline, check out shore spots at Rock River Ridge, Shades State Park, Turkey Run State Park, and the West Union Bridge right before the confluence with the Wabash River. Sugar Creek has its honey holes and sweet spots, the locations of which are revealed through schooling fish.

Indiana Fishing Map Guides

Interested in learning about more fishing locations and how to hook your next trophy? Learn all about the best places to fish in Indiana by visiting https://scmaps.com/fishing-map-guides/indiana/. If you carry our fishing map guides with you on your next fishing trip, you’ll never find yourself lacking for hot spots. There is also an interactive eBook edition available for download that is compatible with any smartphone.


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