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Summer Smallies

Summer smallies can be tough to find, but once you’ve located them, you can often catch several. After spawning, smallies move deep – often moving to humps that top out in 15 to 30 feet of water. Although they’ll eat a variety of foods, crayfish are far and away their favorite. Savvy smallie anglers target fish in late July and early August when crayfish are molting their exoskeletons. At that time, they become easy prey. Although crayfish-imitating lures are obviously a good bet, smallies are opportunistic feeders and aren’t fussy. Get a lure in their wheelhouse, and odds are they’ll hit it. Find a fish and work the spot thoroughly because where there is one fish, there usually are more. Plastic worms, swimjigs and deep-diving crankbaits will all take summer smallies.

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