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Wisconsin Fishing Reports


Sroll down or click on links below for the most recent fishing reports from DNR and other sites. Additional reports are being developed by SC staff and contributors that will also be posted here.

Lake Michigan Outdoor Fishing Report – August 12, 2019

In general, fishing reports will be updated once per week, usually on Tuesdays. This may change based on availability of reports and work schedules of field staff.
REMINDER – Anglers must carry a paper copy of their license/stamps while fishing on the waters of Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, and the WI/MI, WI/MN and WI/IA boundary waters.

Southern Lake Michigan Fishing Report: August 12, 2019
Sheboygan County
• Sheboygan Shore/Piers: Over the course of the week pier fishing remained very consistent, there’s always a handful of anglers seen on both piers. Most Anglers were targeting salmonid, however there was very limited success. There was only a few smallmouth bass and some carp that were reported from the south pier. Anglers have been talking about seeing some Browns being caught on the harbor side of the north pier, but none have been actually seen during surveys. There were a few anglers trying their luck within the harbor, but no fish were reported. Water temperatures remained around 65 degrees near shore.
• Sheboygan & Cleveland Ramp: The Sheboygan ramps were fairly busy during the week with majority of them being fishing boats. With the Coho Derby taking place this weekend, the ramps were extremely busy especially Saturday morning. However, fishing success was pretty average. There was a mixed bag of rainbows, Lakers, and kings being reported. There were also a handful of decent cohos that were being caught. It seems as though anglers have been bringing in more kings than previous weeks. Most boats were bringing in an average of 4-5 fish totals. Anglers with most success stated that they were targeting chinooks early in the morning in the deeper water, and lakers/rainbows when coming in shallower. Most anglers reported using flasher flies and spoons, however other baits were being used as well. There were a few trailers seen at the Cleveland ramp, but no interviews were taken.
Ozaukee County
• Port Washington Shore/Piers: Fishing pressure along the shore and piers during the week were pretty slow but picked up once the weekend came around. Majority of anglers were targeting salmon and trout however there was very limited success. There were only reports of smallmouth bass, carp, suckers, and alewives being caught from the shore. There were no fish reported from off the piers during survey time. Anglers seem to be trying a variety of bait, including both live and artificial, but nothing seems to have an overwhelming success.
• Port Washington & Amsterdam Ramp: During the week the Port Washington ramp seemed a little bit slower than usual, as there was only a handful of boats seen during survey times. It started to pick up a little bit over the weekend. Most were fishing boats, but there were a few pleasure boaters in the mix as well. Most anglers were targeting kings, cohos, and rainbows. Success was really a hit or miss this weekend. Some anglers were able to bring in around 3-5 fish, and others were not success at all. Flashers flies continue to be to most popular bait of choice. There were a handful of trailers seen at the Amsterdam ramp this week, however no interviews were able be taken.
Milwaukee County
• McKinley Marina: McKinley was pretty busy all week. The lot was full for most of the day on Saturday, and a majority of the marina parking lot is under construction – which made it difficult for trailers to find a spot to park. Boats during the week were coming in with very few fish, typically only 1 or 2 per boat. But action seemed to increase over the weekend, with boats coming in with a good number of steelheads, coho, and kings. Many anglers could also be seen fishing the pier but no fish were reported caught during survey times.
• North City Shoreline: Shore fishing efforts on the north end of the city remained slow this week. Only a few anglers were out during survey times and no success was reported.
• South City Shore: Many anglers could be seen fishing this weekend. Those at Jones Island were targeting salmon and trout but no fish were being reported. At South Shore park, most anglers were targeting perch and bass, and success was pretty hit or miss.
• South Ramps: Fishing efforts at South Shore seemed to pick up this week, while Bender remained relatively slow. Most boats coming in had a few fish, mainly steelheads and coho. A fair amount of kings were also reported and anglers seemed to have had more luck in the evening. The kings were reportedly caught between 100-150 feet throughout the week.
• Oak Creek Power Plant: The pier at the power plant saw a bit of effort this week. A few anglers could be seen on the far end of the pier but no fish were reported during survey times. There is a sign at the gate that says the fishing pier road will be closed for utility work from 8/12 to 8/16.
Racine County

• Fishing activity in Racine during the week was very slow. Very few boat trailers were reported at the boat launch. Not many anglers were seen trying their luck from shore either. The few boats that were interviewed during the week had very limited success. The shore anglers had limited success as well. Fishing activity picked up tremendously over the weekend as there was many boats and shore anglers trying to catch fish.
• Racine Harbor and Piers: Fishing activity along the piers and shorelines started out very slow during the week. Very few anglers were seen on the shorelines or the piers. Anglers were seen trying for either salmonids or perch. The anglers targeting perch had very limited success as only a small handful of perch were caught during the week. The perch anglers that had the most success were using plastics for bait. The anglers that were targeting salmon or trout had increased but still very limited success compared to past weeks. Three small trout were caught from the south pier using either plastics or crab meat as bait. A few sheepshead were caught on spoons during the week as well. Fishing activity picked greatly once the weekend hit. The shorelines were filled with lots of anglers trying their luck. The weekend anglers didn’t have the same luck as only one sheepshead was recorded throughout the weekend. The water temperature off the shorelines varied from the high 60’s to the low 70’s throughout the week.
• Racine Ramp: Only a few trailers were reported during survey times early in the week. Once the weekend hit the boat ramp saw a big increase in fishing and boating activity. Most of the activity that was reported at the ramp consisted of fishermen, with only a few pleasure boaters being reported. Good success was reported by anglers throughout the entire week. Boats came in with a mixed bag of fish that included all five of the major salmonid species. Anglers found success with a variety of different depth and bait combinations. Fishing success was reported at depths ranging from 80 feet to over 200 feet. Flasher flies and spoons seemed to be the most popular and successful baits among the anglers. The water temperature at the boat ramp was about 70 degrees most of the week.
Kenosha County
• Fishing activity started out slow in Kenosha this week. The boat ramp was very seldom used and not many anglers were fishing from shore. Anglers could be found in big numbers once Saturday and Sunday strolled along. Anglers reported very limited success throughout the week as very few fish were caught.
• Kenosha Harbor and Piers: Not many anglers could be spotted on the shorelines and piers early in the week. They came out in much larger numbers over the course of the weekend. Most of the anglers that were reported were targeting salmon or trout. Very few anglers are still targeting perch. Even though lots of anglers tried their luck throughout the week, success was very limited. One Brown trout was snagged while fishing for alewives early in the week. The only other fish that were caught throughout the rest of the week included a few sheepshead, a few panfish and a couple dozen gobies. The water temperature in the harbor varied between the high 60’s to the low 70’s throughout the week.
• Kenosha Ramp: The boat ramp saw much more action over the weekend than earlier in the week. Both fishermen as well as pleasure boaters were seen using the ramp. Even though there was plenty of activity, very few fishermen or pleasure boaters were available for an interview during survey times. Of the couple fishing boats that could be interviewed, only three steelhead and four Coho were caught. They were caught between 60 and 190 feet using flasher flies. The water temperature at the boat ramp stayed in the low 70’s throughout the week.

Northern Lake Michigan Fishing Report: August 12, 2019
Manitowoc County
• No fishing report this week.
Door County
• Northern Door County Lakeside: There were no interviews conducted this week as the days creel was conducted in Bailey’s Harbor, Rowley’s Bay, and Gill’s Rock were all bad weather days. However, according to some of the local guides, anglers are catching rainbow trout. There were some boats that claimed to catch upwards of 10 rainbow in a trip. I was unable to get the depths and types of baits anglers were using due to not physically talking to the anglers. There were very few reports of salmon being caught right now. Hopefully the salmon fishing will start to pick up again since they should be getting ready to start staging in front of the rivers/creeks. Rowley’s Bay smallmouth bass fishing remained fairly steady over the week. The anglers that were interviewed reported catching on average 15 bass per trip with most of the fish being caught on plastic tubes or Ned rigs. The average size of the smallmouth bass was roughly 3 pounds.
• Northern Door County Bayside: There were very view anglers fishing this week due to the storms and the wind. The shore anglers that had the most success this week was Andersons Dock in Ephraim and Egg Harbor. There were a few anglers on Sunday night that managed to catch one smallmouth bass and three rock bass, as well as a freshwater drum at Egg Harbor. Anglers were able to catch rock bass throughout the week in Egg Harbor using worms. Rock bass were also caught on Ned Rigs while trying for smallmouth bass. I did not come across any anglers fishing for perch at Egg Harbor this week. Anglers fishing on the pier in Peninsula State Park managed to catch some rock bass that were pushing 10 inches in length. An occasional smallmouth would be caught in the park, but majority of the fish caught were rock bass. The rock bass were caught on worms and bobber. The Anderson Dock crew managed to find smallmouth bass although the size was smaller this week compared to last week. On average anglers were reporting 8 smallmouth caught in couple hours usually. Most of these fish were being caught using worms and bobber. The next best method was drop shots and Ned rigs. On Wednesday before the storms rolled in one angler managed to catch roughly 10 smallmouth out by the sister islands fishing 15 to 20 feet of water using tubes. Sister Bay boat ramp was used heavily on Sunday for recreation use. There were no reports gathered in Ellison bay.
• Sturgeon Bay: Fishing pressure was moderate this week, with many parties targeting smallmouth, perch, and walleyes. The smallmouth fishing has been decent in all locations. Most fish have been caught using tubes, dropshots, and crawlers in 10-15 feet of water. Several fish have been caught between two and four pounds. Perch fishing is still a hit or miss, those who have had the best luck were fishing in the channel primarily using minnows in 15-20 feet of water. Walleye fishing slowed down this week, which could be a result of the recent tournament held in Sturgeon Bay. However, a few fish were still caught pulling harnesses on Larson’s Reef.
• Chaudoir’s Dock: Windy conditions lead to low angler effort. A party reported no success focusing on nearby reefs.
• Sawyer Harbor: Potawotami State Park: Angler traffic at this location was light early in the week with general weekend traffic in the park increased. Angling pressure was low yet steady in numbers, however with little to no reported success. Idlewild: This location was lightly utilized by anglers. A handful of boats could be found here throughout the week, no return trips were observed.
• Little Sturgeon Bay: The Carmody launch showed higher numbers of fishing parties and anglers during the weekend. Angler effort in general declined and those interviewed were focused on Walleye and Bass; however, the catch was low all week. Riley’s Bay access showed very low use with no angler success reported.
• Sugar Creek, Fish Haven: Anglers have not been using these locations. Landings are exposed to the strong winds.
Kewaunee County
• Kewaunee: Fishing pressure was low during the start of the week and moderate towards the weekend. Chinooks were caught between 300-400 feet of water using spoons. The majority of anglers had some success targeting rainbows between 500-600 feet of water, with many bites coming on spoons in the top 40 feet.
• Algoma: Fishing pressure was low during the start of the week due to poor weather conditions and increased towards the weekend. Salmon were harder to find this week, and inconsistent winds have caused some fish to move out to deeper water. Anglers who had some success were fishing anywhere from 400-600 feet of water, primarily catching rainbows using spoons in the top 30 feet of water. The chinooks that were caught this week came in that depth range as well.

Fox River and Green Bay Creel Report: August 12, 2019
Fox River
• Fox River: On Friday there was hardly anybody using the launches, but on Saturday the launches had medium usage with on average 5 to 9 boats. Most of them where recreational users. The shore anglers were in low amounts with only 4 being out in the two days. When I interviewed them they had no success yet.
• Metro Boat Launch: On Friday there was medium usage on the launch with around 10 to 13 boats. On Saturday the boat launch averaged 15 to 18 boat trailers. The boats were trying for walleyes and musky both days. On average 2 to 5 walleyes were being brought in with the average size being between 16 and 21 inches. With muskies I interviewed 5 boats with 2 catching one, and other boat catching two muskies. On Saturday there was a lot of recreational boaters using the launch.
Oconto County
• Walleye fishing in the bay slowed a little from the previous week with cooler surface temps throughout. Fish were still being caught from the Oconto Shoal south to Pensaukee mainly on crawler harnesses and jigging shiver minnows. Depths of 10 to 25 feet were most popular. Perch fishing was a little slower as well with most anglers catching many small perch with a few keeper size. Rock piles with weeds in depths of 8 to 12 feet were holding fish. A few shore anglers were seen at Oconto Park II having luck with bluegills and perch but size was small.
• Geano Beach: This launch was busy each day creel was conducted. The creel shifts were in the morning this week, so many boaters were observed leaving but very few interviews of returning fishermen could be done. Most boats that were interviewed kept at least 5 with the average size being 16-21 inches.
Brown County
• Duck Creek, Longtail Point: These launches are seeing very little traffic. There were a handful of trailers spotted in the parking lots, but were recreational users.
• Bayshore Park: Low success was reported with fishing better earlier in the week.
• Suamico: Each day the launch is busy. The creel shifts were in the morning this week so many fishermen were observed leaving the launch but none returned before the shifts ended.
Marinette County
• Some night fishing was happening on the Menominee River for walleyes, but this activity did not occur during scheduled creel shifts so there are no reports as to what was being caught. A few anglers were targeting brown trout in waters North of Marinette. Depths of 40 to 60 feet were popular with fish caught 20 to 30 down. Stinger spoons of various colors were working.
Outdoor Report 7/25/19:

Some severe storms moved through the state last weekend with strong winds knocking down hundreds of trees and with it the power in many areas. The central part of the state was hardest hit, including Hartman Creek State Park, where the campground had to be evacuated and closed. Fortunately, there were no reports of severe injuries. Crews have been busy working on removing the downed trees, and the park is hoping to reopen the campground before this weekend. Anyone who has a camping reservation at the park should contact the park on Friday to confirm if the campground will reopen.

Other properties with damage include Straight Lake State Park, where the day-use area and campgrounds are closed until further notice, and the Tuscobia and Cattail state trails in Sawyer and Burnette counties, where many trees are blocking access.
Heavy rain again caused some rivers to swell, especially in the northeast. Water levels also remain high on many central Wisconsin lakes, and some municipalities continue to have slow-no-wake ordinance in place.
The rain and storms kept angling pressure down this week. Walleye and perch fishing on the west shore of Green Bay was slower than last week after the storms. Anglers targeting walleye on the Fox River were the bringing in on average three fish. Smallmouth bass fishing is still going strong on the Green Bay side of Door County. With the start of a salmon tournament this past weekend the fishing pressure was high at all the ports in northern Door. On average four fish were caught per boat, with chinook leading the way while a few rainbows were caught as well.
On Lake Michigan anglers fishing out of Sheboygan were having success with most boats averaging around four to five fish. The most targeted fish were kings. Most the fish caught were steelheads and lake trout, but there were a handful of kings seen as well. Fishing activity remained constant in Racine and Kenosha as anglers were trying to catch more fish to enter in the Salmon-a-Rama tournament before it ended on Sunday. A few steelhead were brought in along with coho and a few chinook and some brown trout as well.
Antler growth on whitetail bucks has been significant over the last couple of weeks. A doe with triplet fawns was seen crossing a road in Waushara County. Turkeys are working roadsides looking for bugs with their broods of all sizes, and yearling bears can be spotted darting across the road as they disperse from mom during the breeding season.
Berry pickers have been out in force the last few weeks. Raspberries and black-capped raspberries have been fantastic, and blackberries are just starting the turn. Blueberries are ripening in the Northwoods.
Monarchs and admiral butterflies are numerous among the blooming milkweeds. St John’s wort, black-eyed Susan’s, trefoil, fireweed, and queen Anne’s lace are in bloom. There are plenty of mosquitos, deer flies and horseflies for the songbirds that are feeding their families.
This weekend offers excellent opportunities to learn more about an experience Wisconsin history and Native American culture. There will be a French Voyageur Encampment all weekend at Pike Lake and Ho-Chunk Nation dancers will perform Friday at Devil’s Lake.

Upcoming featured events at Wisconsin recreational properties
This weekend offers great opportunities to learn more about an experience Wisconsin history and Native American culture at Wisconsin recreational properties. There will be a French Voyageur Encampment all weekend at Pike Lake and a sunset Voyageur canoe paddle at Horicon on Friday. Ho-Chunk Nation dancers will perform Friday at Devil’s Lake, Potawatomi is holding a program on Native American games and Gov Dodge is holding a program on the history of wild rice in Wisconsin on Saturday. On Sunday there is a guided tour at Aztalan, home to Native American cultures between 1050 and 1100, who built large, flat-topped pyramidal mounds. Shakespeare in the park is at Wildcat on Friday and Interstate on Saturday.
Click on the links below for highlighted programs this weekend or click on Get Outdoors,” for a complete listing of events.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 26, 27 & 28, 2019
• Kettle Moraine State Forest – Pike Lake Unit – French Voyageur Encampment, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Friday, July 26, 2019
• Copper Falls State Park – Universe in the Park
• Devil’s Lake State Park – The Native Beat Goes On
• Horicon Marsh Visitor and Education Center – Sunset Voyageur Canoe Paddle
• Wildcat Mountain State Park – Playing with Shakespeare: Children’s Workshop; Shakespeare in the Park: Romeo & Juliet
Saturday, July 27, 2019
• Devil’s Lake State Park – Universe in the Park
• Governor Dodge State Park – Harvesting Wild Rice in Wisconsin
• Interstate State Park – Playing with Shakespeare: Children’s Workshop; Shakespeare in the Park: Romeo & Juliet
• Mirror Lake State Park – How to Build the Perfect Campfire
• Newport State Park – Stargazing at the Dark Sky Park
• Perrot State Park – Adaptive Outdoor Equipment
• Potawatomi State Park – Native Games in the Daisy Field
• Wyalusing State Park – Starsplitters Astronomy Program: Star Party
Sunday, July 28, 2019
• Aztalan State Park – Aztalan Guided Tour
• Devil’s Lake State Park – Music in the Park: Noah and Ringing Iron
• Interstate State Park – A Mammoth Comparison
• Whitefish Dunes State Park – Hike to the Top of Wisconsin’s Tallest Sand Dune

Upcoming State Natural Area Workday
July 27, 9 a.m.-noon: Beulah Bog Workday. Join our stewardship partner, Kettle Moraine Land Trust, to hand-pull some herbaceous weeds and/or chemically treat some sumac that is encroaching on a savanna opening. We’ll be working in an upland area, but if the day is hot, we can hike down to the boardwalk where the air is cooler (you might get your feet wet). Pack a lunch to eat afterwards. Kettle Moraine Land Trust hosts stewardship service days on the fourth Saturday of the month at locations throughout Walworth County, returning to Beulah Bog on November 23.
July 27, 9 a.m.-noon:  East Bluff SNA at Devils Lake State Park. We’ll cut invasive shrubs and use brush to block unauthorized trails or collect seeds. Take in some of the most breathtaking views Wisconsin has to offer and help protect some of the most uncommon species and natural communities in the Midwest. We’ll be concentrating work efforts around the prairie and the Devils Doorway trail segment. This will be part of a series of monthly stewardship activities sponsored by Ben Bomkamp and Kerstyn Perrett of NatureWorks llc through 2019, who are hoping to help build enthusiasm and understanding of the role that we can all be playing to protect our state’s most treasured and irreplaceable resources.
Wednesday, July 31, 9 a.m.-2 p.m. – Kohler Park Dunes State Natural Area. Work with DNR staff to protect the fragile dune landscape and control invasive species such as spotted knapweed and sweet clover. Help us make headway on invasive species while learning about dune ecology, enjoying views of the lake, and making a few new friends. Bring a bag lunch, snack, and water. If you can’t stay for the whole day, no problem, any help is appreciated! No skills needed as you will be trained onsite. Work will include hang pulling and bagging herbaceous weeds.
No skills needed—you will be trained on site. Check the State Natural Areas Volunteer Program page of the DNR website for details. – Jared Urban, conservation biologist, Dane. – Jared Urban, conservation biologist, Dane


Northern Region
Superior DNR Service Center area
Brule River State Forest – Whether it is canoeing or kayaking a stretch of the river, getting out fishing, hiking, or out searching for wild berries; there is no time like the present to get out and explore. Both Copper Range and Bois Brule campgrounds continue to be busy over the weekends, but you can still claim a first-come, first-served site on most nights. There are 39 total sites, with 12 being non-reservable. Check out what is happening next month! It has been two years since the last event was held, but Family Fun Day is back August 24, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Brule State Fish Hatchery and Bois Brule campground canoe landing. The Douglas County Fish and Game League, the Brule River Sportsman’s Club, and the Wisconsin DNR are sponsoring the 2019 event. There are fun and exciting activities for all ages, and admission is free! Come out and see what the Brule River State Forest has to offer. We look forward to seeing you here.
Woodruff DNR Service Center area
Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest – Most of the State Forest escaped the devastating storms of the past week. Hikers and forest users may come across a few downed trees and branches. Please use caution when out and about. Water levels remain high, but inviting for a swim! Blueberries are starting to ripen, if one knows where to look! Monarchs and admiral butterflies are numerous among the blooming milkweeds. Spotted knapweed is full of bumble bees. St John’s wort, black eyed Susan’s, trefoil, fireweed, queen Anne’s lace and cow parsnip add to the beauty of the summer bloom. Turkeys are working the roadsides looking for bugs with their broods of all sizes, and yearling bears can be spotted darting across the road as they disperse from mom during the breeding season. There are plenty of mosquitos, deer flies and horseflies for the songbirds that are feeding their families. – Rosalie Richter, visitor services associate
Antigo DNR Service Center area
Council Grounds State Park – The park sustained some downed and damaged trees during the recent storms, but the worst of it has been cleared and the park is ready for you to visit and enjoy. You might find a few ripe berries, but the coming weeks hold more promise. – Sarah Gilbert, ranger


Northeast Region
Northern Lake Michigan fisheries team report
Marinette County – Rain and storms kept angling pressure down this week. Only a few anglers were seen out. A few perch were caught around the Little River launch from shore along with rock bass. Also sheepshead were reported caught in the Menominee River and in the bay.- Scott Poquette, fisheries technician, Peshtigo
Oconto County – Walleye and perch fishing in the bay was slower than last week after two days of storms. Pensaukee, Oconto, and Oconto Park II launches were still busy over the weekend with anglers having a harder time finding fish than earlier in the week. Walleye were being caught off Oconto Park II down south to Pensaukee in waters 10 to 25 feet deep. Most boats were trolling crawler harnesses with purple and gold colored blades being popular. Perch were caught throughout the area with many 3- to 6-inch perch being reported caught and released mainly on crawlers. A few larger keeper size perch were being caught but lots of sorting was taking place. Areas with weeds or rock were holding perch. – Scott Poquette, fisheries technician, Peshtigo
Traffic was high at the Geano Beach launch and dominated by anglers finding success targeting walleye. Anglers were bringing in on average three to eight walleye in a range of 16 to 27 inches. A two person party left with the limit, another harvesting two fish both over 26 in. A party reported catching freshwater drum while unsuccessfully pursuing walleye. One angler kept a pair of 9- and 12-inch yellow perch. A party reported increased amounts of submerged vegetation. – Riley Schultz, fisheries technician, Green Bay
Brown County – On the Fox River the Metro boat launch showed steady and heaviest use with anglers targeting walleye bringing in on average three fish in the 16- to 18-inch range. An angler caught and released five walleye using a crawler harness; other parties favored crank baits. Freshwater drum and bullhead catfish were caught while targeting walleye. Weekend traffic increased with pleasure boaters favoring afternoons and anglers often utilizing the access for morning trips. Fox Point showed decreased use, as did the fairgrounds; both were utilized by smaller recreational vessels. Each had light shore angler effort with low success. Voyageur Park remains popular for shore anglers and those utilizing the fishing/observation walkway were targeting walleye. Water levels are high at this location with the shoreline sidewalk submerged. There was steady high use at the Suamico River launch. The parking lot on weekends was often full and Sensiba overflow was being utilized. This access became very congested many times with boaters launching and loading. Morning use was dominated by anglers targeting walleye with success. An angler who began early in the morning was focused on musky with low success. Afternoon traffic was more inclined toward recreational boating. Severe weather and heavy rains caused low water clarity by the end of the week with high water levels covering parts of the road. There has been consistent light use of the Duck Creek ramps with a few smaller trailers and often kayakers utilizing the creek access. Trailers were being covered in a considerable amount of vegetation after launching. Shore angling effort has decreased from previous weeks with few to none seen angling throughout the week. – Riley Schultz, fisheries technician, Green Bay
Door County – Smallmouth bass fishing is still going strong on the bay in water depths between 12 to 20 feet of water. Various methods were able to produce fish with the most common techniques using drop shots and plastic tubes. It seemed like Egg Harbor and Ephraim had the best success this week. Sister Bay anglers had some success as well but the number of fish caught and size was less than the other ports. The water temps ranged from 73 to 76 degrees on the bay depending on which port anglers were out of. Shore fisherman were hard to come by this weekend as the storms on Saturday prevented a lot of anglers from going out. While on Sunday the few anglers that were out had mixed results. The anglers fishing off from Andersons Dock were using worms to catch a few smallmouth bass as well as rock bass. While anglers fishing in Fish Creek were using minnows trying for perch with some success. The perch were on the smaller size for the anglers. While they were fishing for perch they managed to catch a handful of smallmouth bass as well. Weborg fishing pier had a high fishing pressure on Friday and Sunday with anglers catching mainly round gobies with occasional smallmouth bass caught. It seemed that more bass were caught at night than during the morning and mid-day periods. Egg Harbor shore fisherman are still catching rock bass and smallmouth bass inside the marina using worms. Anglers fishing for perch this week had very little luck in Egg Harbor. There are reports of walleyes starting to show up around Egg Harbor with anglers using crawler harnesses to catch them. With the start of the K/D Salmon Tournament occurring this past weekend the fishing pressure was high at all the ports in northern Door. Bailey’s Harbor had the highest fishing pressure of all the ports with Rowley’s Bay coming in with the next highest fishing pressure. The anglers fishing out of Bailey’s had more success than the other ports. Saturday morning the success rate was low, due to the storms that rolled in. While on Sunday multiple anglers came in with over six fish per boat. On average four fish were caught per boat, with chinook leading the way while a few rainbows were caught as well. Majority of anglers were fishing in 80 to 120 feet of water and focusing on the top 40 feet of the water. The surface temps ranged from 55-60 degrees depending on where anglers were fishing. While 50 feet down the water temp was around 52 degrees. It seemed like anglers that fished around Cana Islands had better success than most. Spoons took a few more fish than flasher fly combos. There is no color pattern for the spoons or flasher fly. Some setups that produced fish were 7 colors of lead core as well as your usual dipsy and downriggers setups. Rowley’s Bay fisherman had limited success fishing for salmon. The few that caught fish were fishing around 110 feet of water using spoons. The water temps out of Rowley’s Bay were 66 degrees on the surface. Gills Rock anglers managed to catch a few salmon as well over the week. Majority of the anglers were fishing around 110 feet of water. Anglers fishing for smallmouth bass on the Pier in Gills Rock had some success using worms and a bobber. Although the fish were on the smaller side but it was fairly steady action for the anglers. – Cody Flavionl, fisheries technician, Sturgeon Bay
The weekend was very slow at Little Sturgeon Bay due to the storms on Saturday. The perch bite has slowed down and the walleye bite has been slow as well with only one or two walleyes being caught. The few walleyes that were being caught were on flicker shads. A few people were fishing from the pier, but they didn’t have any luck catching anything. Most of the time the anglers that were fishing from the pier were targeting perch and smallmouth bass. Sawyer Harbor has also been slow. On Saturday only one boat launched out of here before the storm hit. They managed to catch a few walleyes, but overall the walleye bite has been slow. Anglers that were targeting smallmouth bass didn’t have much luck either with the bite being slow as well. The few smallmouth that were caught the anglers said they caught them on the drop-offs jigging plastics. During the week there were multiple people launching their kayaks off of this launch. – Brandon Wagester, fisheries technician, Green Bay
Peshtigo DNR Service Center area
Marinette County – Portions of the county sustained storm damage. The heaviest damage is in the southwestern portion of the county (west and south of Crivitz) where many trees have been snapped off or tipped over. All state land accesses have been checked and cleaned of storm debris as needed. Gilas lake, Montana Lake, and Lake Noquebay (north shore) boat landings are all in good shape as are the access points to North Branch Beaver Creek Fishery Area. The northern two-thirds or so of the county was virtually unaffected by the storm. All ATV trails are open in the county at this time. The bird observation platform on Pond Road south of Peshtigo is being cleaned and will receive a new coat of stain soon but will remain open for use as much as possible during the process. Unfortunately, the public shooting range off of Hipke road , also south of Peshtigo, is now closed until further notice. Shooters who wish to do some target shooting can locate other ranges by searching the DNR website using keyword ‘Shooting Range.’ Antler growth on whitetails has been significant over the last couple of weeks, now is a great time to put some cameras out or pull out the binoculars and check out the bucks in your area. – Aaron McCullough, wildlife technician, Wausaukee
Heavy rain in northeast Wisconsin caused some rivers to swell but summer heat should return flows to near normal levels. It’s a good time of year to fish surface lures for bass and witness fish pursuing a lure on the water’s surface. – Mike Donofrio, fisheries supervisor, Peshtigo
Oconto County – The northern half of the county from Suring to Townsend is heavily damaged by storms. All ATV/recreation trails are closed at this time. Lakes are also not safe to operate in as there is debris in the lakes which can cause hazards when you operate your boat. Many areas are still without power. The southern half of the county was not as affected. – Paul Hartrick, conservation warden, Oconto Falls
Sturgeon Bay DNR Service Center area
Potawatomi State Park – Potawatomi State Park is experiencing residual flooding from recent storms. The park is open, but some areas, including the campground, are saturated and may have standing water. Please call ahead for more information. – Jaclyn Moeri, visitor services associate
Wautoma DNR Service Center area
Waushara County – Waushara County barely missed the heaviest of the tornado weather, but did get significant rainfall through these last storms. As with all summer long, check with local ordinances in regard to slow-no-wakes on local lakes as many of them do have some speed restrictions. Berry pickers have been out in force the last few weeks. Raspberries and black capped raspberries have been fantastic around the county and black berries are just starting the turn, but are probably a couple weeks out yet. Three very healthy looking fawns ran across the road with their mom and stopped to say hi! If anyone is looking for some wildflowers take a drive past Greenwood Wildlife Area and you will have plenty to see. Early and late light make the flowers almost glow there are so many of them out there! As always enjoy what Waushara County has to offer. As a reminder since the heavy storms there may be trees that are down across trails or trees that are hung up so take time to check your surroundings when you are out and about and be careful. If you come across something dangerous on the Ice Age Trail or other DNR properties don’t hesitate to call. – Ben Mott, conservation warden, Wautoma


Southeast Region
Milwaukee DNR Service Center area
Southern Lake Michigan fisheries team report
Sheboygan County – Shore fishing effort has been nonexistent, but there were a couple trying their luck from the piers. A few anglers were seen targeting anything they could catch, but no fish were reported. There was plenty of bait variety used this week, anything to attract the fish. With the waves crashing over the piers, it made fishing farther out quite difficult. The Sheboygan ramps remained busy this week. There were consistently trailers seen at multiple ramps. Some were pleasure boaters, but most were fishing boats. Majority of anglers that were out came back successful. Most boats were averaging around four to five fish. The most targeted fish were kings. Most the fish caught were steelheads and lake trout, but there were a handful of kings seen as well. Those having the most success seemed to be fishing in deeper waters and using flasher flies, but all baits were used. There were a few trailers seen at the Cleveland ramp this past weekend, but no fish were reported. – CJ Usadel, fisheries technician, Plymouth
Ozaukee County – There was some fishing pressure seen along the shore and on the pier this week. Most anglers were not targeting anything in particular. A variety of bait was being used, but nothing seemed to be an overwhelming success. Very few fish were reported, and the fish that were reported were carp. Those that targeted the carp were the most successful. Some anglers were targeting perch off of the pier to but had no success. The water temperatures were in the high 60s. The Port Washington ramp was a little slower than usual this week with “Fish Days” festivities going on this weekend. Those that went out fishing had some success, but not to the previous degree in earlier weeks. Those that came back had two to three fish on average, with some not coming back with any fish. The fish most targeted were kings and coho. The most commonly caught fish were steelheads and Lakers, with a few good sized kings as well. Most of the success came from fishing deeper. There was a variety of bait being used, however spoons and flasher flies have been the most popular. A few trailers were at Amsterdam, but no fish were reported during the survey. – CJ Usadel, fisheries technician, Plymouth
Milwaukee County – McKinley Marina has been rather busy this week but success was hit or miss. Most boats only came in with a couple fish each, most of which were lake trout and steelhead. A few kings were seen but overall fishing remains slow. Shore fishing efforts on the north end of the city were slow this week, likely due to the heat and the rain over the weekend. Many anglers were targeting trout and salmon, but reported no fish. South City Shore fishing efforts have continued to increase at South Shore park, with many anglers fishing on the dock and near the yacht club. There was reported success with perch near the ramps. Fishing efforts at the south ramps were quite slow this week. Most boats were seen launching out of South Shore, but many were pleasure boaters. The fishing boats that did come in reported some success with steelheads and lakers. Only a few boats were interviewed at Bender this week and a couple fish were reported per boat. The Oak Creek Power Plant pier saw little effort this week, and no fish were reported. The pier was also closed on Saturday due to weather. – Jessica Jenkins, fisheries technician, Milwaukee
Racine County – Fishing activity this past week was constant from both shore and from boats. Salmon-a-Rama continued throughout the week and ended on Sunday. So many anglers were trying to catch more fish to enter in the tournament before it ended. There wasn’t as many anglers as expected though. This could be due to the heat wave and the rain we had. The Racine piers and shorelines saw heavy action this week due to many anglers fishing the salmon tournament. Many anglers were targeting trout and salmon on the north and south piers. The most common baits were alewives or spoons. Nothing would work though as no fish were recorded. Anglers fishing from shorelines had a little more luck. Many shore anglers were targeting perch. The shore anglers had a little more luck. A few perch were caught throughout the week along with the occasional goby or rock bass. One small steelhead was also caught from shore during a survey time. It was caught using a minnow on a slip bobber rig. The rain and cold weather clouded the water and cooled the water down a bit. The ramp in Racine saw steady action throughout the week. The hot weather and rain seemed to cut down on boat activity a little bit. Many of the boats that came off the water were fishermen. Some anglers were fishing for whatever would bite but many anglers were targeting specific fish that they wanted to enter in the fishing tournament. Only a few steelhead were brought in on boats during survey times as well as only a few coho. A few kings as well as some brown trout were brought in as well. Anglers reported catching fish in as shallow as 30 feet for brown trout and as deep as 70 to 80 feet for the kings. Fish could probably be caught at deeper depths as well. Fishermen reported success using stinger spoons, flicker shads, flasher flies as well as dipsy divers. A few pleasure boaters were reported during survey times as well. The water temperature at the boat ramp was about 60 degrees. – Andrew Krecak, fisheries technician, Sturtevant
Kenosha County – Fishing activity in Kenosha this past week was busy from the shore but was very slow from the boat ramp. Many of the shore fishermen were trying to catch one last fish or two to enter into the tournament before it ended. Only a few fishing boats were recorded at the boat launch with pleasure boaters being much more common. The hot weather and rain cut down on much of the boat activity at the launch. The Kenosha piers and shorelines saw lots of activity during the week. Many of the anglers were trying to catch one last salmon or trout that they could enter into the tournament before it ended. Many different crankbaits and spoons were used. Minnows and even shrimp were even used with a slip bobber but unfortunately no fish were reported during survey times. A few anglers were still trying for perch and other panfish. They didn’t have much luck either with only one perch and a few other random panfish being reported. The dredging and construction that was taking place around the harbor now seems to be finished which gives anglers much more room along the pier walls to fish. An event along the north pier on the north side of the harbor restricted access to anglers for a few days. The road was completely blocked off. The boat ramp in Kenosha didn’t see very much action this past week. Only a few trailers were reported each day. A few of the boats belonged to fishermen while many boats contained pleasure boaters. Of the few fishing boats that came in there was only one lake trout and two kings brought in. The heat wave and rain kept most boats off the water. The water temperature at the launch was about 60 degrees. – Andrew Krecak, fisheries technician, Sturtevant

South Central Region
No reports.


West Central Region
Wisconsin Rapids DNR Service Center area
Buckhorn State Park – People have been fishing by boat or on shore. Both beaches have been good so far but there has been algae reported on the lake. There are still some bugs out so remember to bring your bug spray or thermocells. It’s breezy by the shoreline campsites and at the beach to escape for a while. We had a cancellation and are looking for a camp host site for August in the campground. – Heather Wolf, park manager
Roche-A-Cri State Park – There have been some campsites open on weekends that were not reserved. There are still some bugs so remember to bring your bug spray! Friendship Lake is a mile south of the park entrance and has a free swimming beach. – Heather Wolf, park manager

Boulder Junction Area

Eagle River Area

Hayward Area

Lake Michigan

Minocqua Area

Tomahawk Area

Southeast Wisconsin